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Volume 23, Issue 12 — december 2016  
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Top Stories

DSPS Real Estate License Renewal Deadline ~ Wednesday, December 14th

NAR Ethics Training Deadline ~ Fulfill Your Ethics Obligation by 12-31-16

REALTOR & Government Day ~ Wednesday, March 11th

IMPORTANT Paragon Dates to Remember ~ Mark your Calendars!

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DSPS Real Estate License Renewal Deadline ~ Wednesday, December 14th

Real Estate Sales or Broker License:
The Wisconsin Department of Safety & Professional Services (DSPS) license renewal deadline is fast approaching! The DSPS requires the completion of four mandatory and two elective CE courses to renew your real estate license by 12-14-16. When licensees renew online they will be asked to confirm course title, school/sponsor, course dates and CE hours.
For more information on how to check at
www.wra.org for classes you've taken, click here and enter your myWRA login and password.

Real Estate Business Entity Renewal:
Be sure to also renew the license of any licensed broker business entity if you are the business representative or otherwise connected to the entity.

FINAL Dues Deadline is Saturday, December 31st

The final dues deadline to maintain membership for 2017 is Saturday, December 31st.  Please add $50 to the dues amount, as the early discount has passed.

Easy Ways to Pay
- Pay by VISA/MC online at
www.ranw.org - See red Pay Dues Online" button
- Mail or drop off personal or certified check or money order made payable to RANW including the bottom portion of the statement in the return envelope provided
- Please be sure that RPAC is not paid from an account that is incorporated ("inc" or "corporation")
- If making a separate RPAC donation:
  Personal check to: "RPAC-Wisconsin", 4801 Forest Run Rd, Ste 201, Madison, WI 53704-7337 
   OR charge card online: Visit and log onto this site.  

Questions?  Please call Cheryl at RANW (920-739-9108) or email her at cdreger@ranw.org.

NAR Ethics Training Deadline ~ Fulfill Your Ethics Obligation by 12-31-16

Under NAR policy, all REALTORS® are required to complete 2.5 hours of quadrennial ethics training between 1-1-13 and 12-31-16.  If you do not fulfill your membership ethics requirement by 12-31-16, you will lose your REALTOR® membership and consequently your company's access to MLS if you are also an MLS Participant.  ONLY qualified Continuing Education and New Member Orientation courses comply ~ see below:

Courses that DO Comply:
2015-16 Residential & Commercial CE Course 4 "Ethics & Fair Housing in Wisconsin" taught by:
~ RANW's Video CE Course #4
~ *Laurel Stone School of Real Estate/Continuing Ed Express
~ *First Class Real Estate School/Continuing Ed Express
~ *Fox Valley Technical College
~ *Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
~ *Moraine Park Technical College
~ *McKissock.com
~ RANW's New Member Orientation (taken 1-1-13 through 12-31-16)
FREE NAR online Ethics Course ~ for new and existing REALTORS

*If you've taken your CE through anyone OTHER THAN RANW or WRA, you will need to mail or email a copy of the Course 4 completion certificate to Cheryl at cdreger@ranw.org.

Be A Part of YOUR Association - Join a Committee in 2017!

RANW members are encouraged to become involved with the Association through participation on one or more of our various committees. To learn about 2017 RANW Committees and to sign up to be considered for a committee, please click here.


Welcome Lizzy Styles, Events & Education Coordinator

We are very happy to welcome Lizzy Styles, our new Events & Education Coordinator. Lizzy is new to Wisconsin but brings with her lots of experience in the events world. Please say hi the next time you're in the office or at any of our upcoming events.


2016 WRA Broker Summit ~ Thursday, December 8th

If you're a manager, owner or broker, the WRA's Broker Summit is just for you! With several great sessions, you'll gain insight into the economy and your practice - relevant for today and tomorrow. You'll learn about boosting your firm's success with marketing, technology and more with information from various workshops offered at Broker Summit. Click here to register. 

Government Affairs

REALTOR & Government Day - Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Please mark your calendars for the 2017 REALTOR® & Government Day - Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at the Monona Terrace and Convention Center in Madison from 1:00 pm - 5:30 pm.

Calling all Direct Givers…

Thankfully the 2016 elections are over, but it still isn't too late to send in your Direct Giver check for this year. Your contribution each year helps the Association meet its goal, provides fundraising consistency, and keeps you on the invitation list for our Direct Giver Dinner (all those who have contributed 2015, 2016, 2017). As always, contact Jennifer Sunstrom at jsunstrom@ranw.org If you have any questions.

Direct Giver Process

1. Solicitations: The minimum contribution to the Direct Giver Program is $100.00.
2. Checks: Only personal checks (not business checks) can be used and must be made to the WRA Direct Giver Program (not RPAC). Checks can be sent to RANW, W6124 Aerotech Dr., Appleton, WI 54914.
3. Credit Cards: You may also pay on-line via credit card.
Click here and login to the WRA site. Or you can call Jennifer at 920.739.9108 with your credit card information and she will take care of it.
4. Control: Contributions to the Direct Giver Program are deposited in a separate bank account from RPAC contributions. Structurally, the WRA then acts like a bank, with disbursements permitted only with the explicit authorization of the contributor. That is, you retain full control on how your direct giver money is spent.
5. Directing Contributions: Contributors may at any time direct their contributions, in whole or in part, to any candidate for local, state or federal office. When disbursing funds, contributors can email or call RANW or WRA to indicate how they wish their money to be distributed.

NOTE*** For those of you who like to make a DIRECT GIVER contribution online, please make sure that you are using the WRA website option for Direct Givers. NAR does not provide an option for Direct Giver and any payments online through the NAR website will only count as an RPAC contribution and cannot be forwarded into your Direct Giver account. If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Sunstrom at 920.739.9108 and she can assist you.


"Change is Coming" - MLS Newsletter

Watch your email for the upcoming "Change is Coming"
MLS Newsletter with an updated timeline on RANW's Paragon MLS
project and other MLS company updates. Click here to view the most recent
Paragon newsletter from RANW MLS.  See article below for important upcoming dates. 

IMPORTANT Paragon Dates to Remember ~ Mark your Calendars!

January 3rd
Paragon Academy - Online Classes Open ~ watch your email for further information. All MLS Members are required to take training (online and/or live) to receive access/login to Paragon. To be the best prepared; we strongly recommend taking advantage of both the online Academy AND Live Paragon Training.

January 5th
All MLS members will receive Live Paragon Training class schedules with registration information

January 10th
Forms confirming Company Data Feeds due; must be returned to RANW

January 24th
Paragon running Parallel with InnoVia begins ~ you have access if you've taken the online Paragon Academy classes

New Data Sheets and reports to update listings will be sent to all MLS participant Firms

February 6th - February 23rd
Live Paragon classes with Paragon Trainer; RANW, GB, OSH and FDL ~ watch for registration

February 20th-Begin using new data sheets, MLS will no longer accept listings on old forms

February 24th Noon until February 27th Noon
No updates or new listings will be accepted

February 27th
Live Cutover to Paragon, new MLS System, is fully functional (all access to InnoVia goes away)

Companies - Watch for Data Feed Information

RANW MLS will soon be sending information to all MLS companies on any data feeds or links that they currently have in place through RANW MLS. All data feeds and links must be created new on the Paragon system, so MLS is asking all companies to review their information, confirm with MLS by January 10th which data feeds should continue and which will be cancelled.  Watch for this important company information, and contact Diana at MLS if any questions arise.

Lockbox Program

Welcome to the Lockbox Program


5 Star Appraisal


Green Bay

Supra Maintenance - Key Updates

During the upcoming months, the Supra Support Teams will perform a series of server maintenance and upgrade activities for the Supra system. They have planned the activities for Tuesday evenings, from 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm through December 6, 2016. This is your reminder notice that the following services will be impacted:
Supra Services Unavailable on Tuesday evening
~ SupraNET
~ SupraWEB (only available for update codes)
~ KIM Voice (only available for update codes)
~ DisplayKEY eSYNCs
~ eKEY app syncs & wireless updating

Services available on Tuesday evening
~ SupraWEB -- updates only
~ KIM Voice - updates only

Be Prepared - Set up Your SupraWEB account

Save yourself from a potentially embarrassing moment by setting up your SupraWEB Account. Many people have been getting new phones, not realizing that they will need a new authorization code to activate the eKEY app, even if it appears to have transferred over from their old phone.
It takes just a few minutes to set up your SupraWEB account, a valuable tool for tracking lockboxes, updating keys, and generating authorization codes for eKEYs. Please see link below for directions. Also, check out the links of interest on InnoVia for other helpful eKEY info.
Directions to Set Up SupraWEB


RANW Membership Changes

To view all the current membership changes for RANW, click here.

Sincere Condolences

RANW would like to extend its sincerest condolences to the family, friends, and co-workers of:

~ K.C. and Charlene Maurer in the recent passing of his KC's father and Charlene's father-in-law.  K.C. is Broker/Owner of RE/MAX 24/7 Real Estate in Appleton where Charlene is the manager.

RANW Neighborhood Outreach Sponsor CORRECTION

RANW apologizes for a misprint in the November RANW newsletter Neighborhood Outreach Story -- we inadvertently listed CitizensFirst Credit Union instead of the new name of Verve, A Credit Union in the sponsor list.

Online Membership Directory - A Great Tool

The RANW Directory is available to members online 24/7! Member and company information is updated daily so you'll always have the most up-to-date information. Member and Company License number rosters have been added to assist members with the new TRID regulations!
If you haven't already registered to use the online directory, it's easy to do.
Click here to access.


NAR Webcast on FHA Condo Financing Rules

NAR recently presented a webcast about the Federal Housing Administration’s new condo financing rules. During the program, NAR analysts answered questions about new rules and discussed the business opportunities that can stem from them. Access replay here.


Events At a Squint
License Renewal Deadline
Fond du Lac Holiday Party
RANW Closed for Holiday
RANW Closed for Holiday
RANW Closed for Holiday
RANW Closed for Holiday
Women's Council FV Mtg

Paragon Training - Mbrs
dates will be on ranw.org

2016 RANW
Board of Directors

Scott Swick

President - Elect
Mike Kunesh

Jim Smith

Mari Reichel

Executive VP
Margery Chapman

Diane Campshure-Walczyk 
Debbie Gritt
Candace Kriner
Charlene Maurer
Michael Sewell
Jim Smith
Judd Stevenson

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