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Volume 24, Issue 6 — june 2017  
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Top Stories

The RANW Make-A-Wish Fundraiser at the Timber Rattlers Game on June 8th is SOLD OUT

RANW "Excellence in Professionalism" Award Nominations Due July 7th

Early Bird Registration NOW open for Green Bay & Fox Valley's 2017 Golf Outings!

Paragon Hands On Classes Scheduled in June and July

Paragon Updates

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Forms Revisions

Several WB Forms are currently being revised. All three will be released at the same time. The proposed optional use date is 7/1/2017 and mandatory use date is 10/1/2017.
- WB-36 Buyer Agency/Tenant Representation Agreement
- WB-47 Amendment to Buyer Agency/Tenant Representation Agreement
- WB-(TBD) Commercial Buyer Agency/Tenant Representation Agreement

Next to be revised:
- WB-4 Condominium Listing Agreement
- WB-3 Vacant Land Listing Agreement
- WB-2 Farm Listing Agreement
- WB-5 Commercial Listing Agreement
- WB-6 Business Listing Agreement

Rule Revisions:
The following rules became permanent rules as of 3/1/2017: REEB 11: Definitions REEB 12: Applications REEB 15: Record Retention REEB 16: Approved forms and legal advice REEB 17: Licensees associated with a firm REEB 18 Trust accounts REEB 24: Conduct & ethical practices for real estate licensees

The RANW Make-A-Wish Fundraiser at the Timber Rattlers Game on June 8th is SOLD OUT

This years RANW Make-A-Wish Fundraiser at the Timber Rattlers Game on June 8th is SOLD OUT! Thank you to our generous sponsors and the 780+ people attending the event! We are looking forward to this wonderful evening of Wish Granting! 

Picnic blankets & lawn chairs welcome!

RANW "Excellence in Professionalism" Award Nominations Due July 7th

Help us recognize outstanding RANW members! The Recognition Committee is accepting nominations for the annual Excellence in Professionalism Awards. If you know a REALTOR® or Affiliate member of RANW who has made an outstanding contribution to our local Association this year through RANW committee work or leadership and community involvement (state or national achievements -- optional), please nominate them for an award by contacting Lizzy at lstyles@ranw.org.  Nominations due by Friday, July 7th.

NAR REALTORS Conference ~ Nov 3-6, Chicago

November 3-6 NAR's REALTORS® Conference & Expo will be held at the McCormick Place Convention Center West Building in Chicago, Illinois. This year's theme is "The Sky's the Limit", and, indeed, the event will help REALTORS® rise higher in their real estate careers. 
The REALTORS® Conference & Expo is home to the largest trade show floor in real estate, with 400+ exhibitors and 100,000 square feet expected at the 2017 event.
Click here for registration information and register today!

WRA Offers Members FREE Tech Helpline

WRA now offers free access to the WRA Tech Helpline as part of your membership. This technical support helpline can assist you with computer-related issues in your office, including support on PCs, Macs, tablet machines, smartphones and more. The service is free and is part of your WRA membership. The April edition of the Wisconsin Real Estate Magazine should have included a personalized contact information card for the helpline.
This new benefit provides you with on-demand access to computer support professionals for quicker, less frustrating resolutions to your technology problems. Not only does the helpline keep your office running more smoothly, but it also minimizes downtime, saves in computer maintenance costs, provides greater business confidence, and ultimately, gives you more time to stay focused on transactions and less time troubleshooting technical issues.
Try the service today! One or two phone calls to the WRA Tech Helpline could help pay for membership in itself.
Click here for more details.

Reprinted in part from Wisconsin Real Estate Magazine, April 2017


Early Bird Registration NOW open for Green Bay & Fox Valley's 2017 Golf Outings!

Don't miss out on Early Bird pricing for this years RANW Green Bay & Fox Valley Golf Outings!
Royal St. Patrick's Golf Course
Green Bay: Tuesday, July 11th * Early Bird Deadline June 13th 
Fox Valley: Tuesday, August 1st * Early Bird Deadline June 30th 

Fond du Lac & Oshkosh Golf info to come!

Women's Council of REALTORS Fox Valley Golf Outing ~ Friday, June 16th

Register today for the Women's Council of REALTORS Golf Outing.
Friday, June 16th at The Westridge Golf Course
Sign up

Annual "A Home For Everyone Conference" Scheduled for July 19-20th, La Crosse

The Wisconsin Collaborative for Affordable Housing consists of community-based organizations, private concerns, government agencies and advocates committed to promoting the development and preservation of affordable housing throughout Wisconsin.
The mission of the Collaborative is to promote access to decent, safe and affordable housing for economically disadvantaged households in Wisconsin through the preservation and development of housing and housing services by promoting effective collaboration between public, private and community organizations.
The Collaborative organizes the annual A Home for Everyone conference for the purpose of focusing on these issues for low-income families and individuals.
Click here for more information.

WRA 2017 Annual Convention ~ Sept 12-13th

The WRA's annual convention is the WRA's showcase event of the year where hundreds of REALTORS® gather together from all corners of the state for classes, networking and fun! With the "Be An MVP: Most Valuable Professional" theme for the convention, you'll learn strategies and ideas to soar to new heights. With all the knowledge you'll gain at the convention, you'll be in a league of your own as you score new clients, new relationships and new success! This year's convention will be September 12-13th at Potawatomi Hotel and Casino in Milwaukee. Click here for details.

Government Affairs

WRA Legislative Update ~ Historic Preservation Tax Credits

Click here to view the most recent Legal Update regarding the historic preservation tax credits.

WRA Call to Action - Support Property Tax Relief / K-12 Funding

The Wisconsin Legislature is currently working on a state budget bill that includes significant new money for K-12 education and property tax relief, which are top priorities for the WRA this session. On Tuesday, May 30th, the WRA sent an all member Call To Action (CTA) urging all 14,000 plus members to ask legislators to support the state budget bill that includes the school funding and tax relief.
Please help us generate a strong response to this CTA. We need your help to make sure the legislature understands how important the property tax issue is to our members and taxpayers. If you have not received the Call To Action in your email, you can find a link on the RANW Paragon bulletin.
Click here to contact your legislators.   


Paragon Updates

Offer status - to display on public websites soon
The display of the offer statuses of Active with Offer With Bump and Active with Offer No Bump, will be included in RANW MLS data feeds for posting on public websites in the near future.

Listing price and sold prices ~ you are entering them in the millions!
Listing and Closing Price fields already contain the three zeros to indicate "thousands". When entering listing information - whether in LIM or in a search - be careful not to make a $125,000 listing a $125,000,000 one!
MLS has corrected those listings that were known to be entered incorrectly - please if you see any active or sold listing that has the wrong price, please alert MLS immediately.

Searching and Setting up Prospects - Missing Listings
Important to note Reminder when searching, less is more ~ especially use care with new and changed fields, data is not completely updated by listing agents yet ~ some examples:
~ Changed Fields - such as Lower Level Full Size windows - until members update their listings this may not come up in a search
~ New Fields - "Under Construction" or "To be Built w/Lot", or Master Bed/Bath Features - until members update their listings these will not come up in a search.
~ When searching for Jefferson Street - search only by Jefferson, do not add in a street tag, previously this was not a required field, many listing agents did not complete the full address Please Update your listings now - for help on this, find the update forms, under MLS Docs on Paragon (the yellow highlighted fields and features), you may submit them to MLS to update, or with LIM access you need to update them ASAP.

Year Built - Two Searches
The new field of year built is a required field, because existing listings have not all been updated yet, it is important to remind you if age of the property is key to your customers, then you need to search first by previous age range, then also search by year built. In the coming months after all the agents have updated listings, searching for both ages will not need to be done - this would also include for setting up your prospects.

CMA - To a Listing
New:  You are now able to convert a subject property to a full listing, if you participate in LIM. Only the photos of the subject property will be able to be included when saving to a listing. Once you have saved a listing then you need to add your documents to allow MLS to confirm the listing as active. Note: You may upload documents to the CMA presentation - but these will not attach when converting it and saving the subject property to an unconfirmed listing; you will need to re-upload docs to the saved unconfirmed listing to allow for processing to continue.

FREE Weekly Webinars Every Tuesday at 1pm Hosted by PARAGON
**Advance Registration Required- See Free Webinars on Paragon MLS homepage
June 06 Search Results
June 20 Listing Slideshows
June 27 Searches & Results

Paragon Hands On Classes Scheduled in June and July

Live "Hands On Classes" with Gary Arnett will be offered the week of June 26th-30th and July 24th - 28th.  To register for June classes, visit ranw.org  July class schedule will be out soon and available on the Paragon homepage.

List-to-Sale Percentage

The List-to-Sale Percentage that was included in reports on InnoVia shows on Paragon in the Search Results Summary, Sold Price Analysis Report, and on Market Statistics Report. MLS has requested Paragon to add the List-to-Sale percentage in other Reports in Paragon.

Listing Maintenance/Broker Load Classes Offered in June

RANW MLS is pleased to offer MLS companies the option to participate in Listing Maintenance (LIM) or 'Broker Load'. Participation in Listing Maintenance is at the discretion of the participating company broker.
The next classes will be at the RANW Office ~ please contact RANW 920-739-9108 or 
MLSTraining@ranw.org if you would like to register:
Wednesday, June 28th, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Please click the link to the Paragon Guide of Listing Maintenance:  You may also use the link for refresher or new training from the recorded Webinar on LIM from RANW MLS Paragon Training presented March 2017. 

To participate in LIM, after you have attended training, reviewed all the materials, and put in place your company policy and procedures, please send the signed LIM Office Participation Form to cdreger@ranw.org. Upon receipt of the completed LIM form your company access will be granted within two (2) business days.

Data Services Available to MLS Member Agents/Salespersons

Effective June 1st, RANW MLS will begin offering additional services for Agents/Salespersons (with company authorization). Agents/Salespersons have the option of IDX, Voice/Text/Mobile Application, and VOW data feeds.
Forms are available by clicking below:
RANW MLS Data Agreement: for data services
Agent/Salesperson Signature Page and Data Request Form for data feed or IDX requests.

Build a Better Listing Presentation Package in RPR

Sellers want to know your presentation is based on a keen sense of the market, your expertise in determining value, and your ability to bring a deal to close in the shortest time possible and at the highest price. The key to nailing that next listing is to prepare … more thoroughly, more accurately and more creatively than your competition. Click here to learn how to build a better listing presentation in RPR.

Lockbox Program

Lockbox Troubleshooting

Unresponsive LockBox
• The Shackle or key container is jammed
• There is poor communication between the lockbox and your key
• The lockbox has failed

Jammed Shackle
1. Grasp the lockbox in one hand and the shackle in the other
2. Move the shackle from side to side and up and down to see if you can loosen it, then try to release the shackle again.
3. Push down on the shackle and up on the bottom of the lockbox, as if you were trying to close the shackle, and while keeping the pressure on, try to release the shackle again.
4. If you cannot release the shackle, contact the RANW for further instructions.

Jammed Key Container
1. Grasp the lockbox, with one hand, reach under the lockbox and try to wiggle the key container to loosen it -- then try to obtain the key again.
2. If it appears that a house key is jammed between the lockbox and the key container, AND the lockbox is yours; try sliding a thin strong object such as a metal fingernail file up between the inside of the lockbox and the key container, to dislodge it.
3. If you are unable to loosen the key container, AND the lockbox is yours, remove the lockbox from the listing and contact the RANW for further instructions.  NOTE:  If the lockbox is NOT yours, please contact the listing agent and let them know there is a problem with the lockbox.  Please do not attempt anything that could cause damage to another agent's lockbox.

Poor Communication
1. Polish the infrared lens on your Display Key (not applicable to eKEY) and on the front of the lockbox with a dry cloth.
2. Try to shade both the infrared lens on the box - infrared communications work better in less light.
3. Hold your key 4 to 8 inches from the front of the lockbox and point your key (or fob) directly at the infrared lens on the lockbox, just like a TV remote.


Congratulations, 2017 REALTOR Emeritus Recipient!

RANW would like to congratulate Barbara Knickel, of Barbara Knickel, Realtor in Fond du Lac who was granted the REALTOR® Emeritus designation from NAR at their mid-year meetings in May.

Any member who has held membership in the National Association as a REALTOR® for a cumulative period of 40 years in one or more Associations of REALTORS® is eligible for REALTOR® Emeritus status and a waiver of local, state and national dues. As of January 1, 2015, the policy now requires service on a local, state or national association committee as well.  Eligible applications approved by October 7th will qualify for the waiver in 2018.

Sincere Condolences

RANW would like to extend its sincerest condolences to the family, friends, and co-workers of:

~ Tom Vieth, in his recent passing.  Tom was a REALTOR member with Signature Realty in Lakewood. 

RANW Membership Changes

To view all the current membership changes for RANW, click here.

Congratulations on Your Wedding

Congratulations to recently-married Curtis Stark.  Curtis is a REALTOR® with Keller Williams Fox Cities in Appleton.

Congratulations New Member Orientation Attendees!

RANW congratulates the May 10th New Member Orientation attendees and welcomes them as REALTORS® to RANW.

Deanna Ashmann
Tina Carr
Parker Dewitt
Betsy Ellenberger
Jeremy Gardner
Amy Halverson
Susie Jennings
Ying LaCourt
Jeff Liddle
Katie Mommaerts
Samantha Rhodes
Jordan Shaline
Jami Westlund

Jay Baer
Kim Comyne
Cassie Dodd
Jack Farvour III
Vicki Gintner
Steve Haskins
Jackie Jirschele
Caroline Lasecki
Megan Lone
Sifu Moua
Tylor Roehrig
Phil Sternig
Michele Wilker-Suehring

Cory Blohm
Nancy Cygan
Gabrielle Drexler
Heather Fisher
Carrie Gollwitzer-Sawar
Cathy Hendricks
Brooke Johnson
Michelle Lehman-Hayes
Ben Malcore
Carli Navin
Cliff Rusch
Susan Turriff
Jeremy Willett

Jenessa Butler
Robert Davis
Tom Ebenhoe
Ashley Fitschen
Tammy Grambihler
Ryan Iverson
Shelly Johnson
Sean Lewis
Molly Mates
Keith Petitt
Zach Seibel
Cindy VanEffen


Events At a Squint
Make-A-Wish Fundraiser
Fond du Lac Golf Meeting
Fox Valley Golf Meeting
WCR Meeting
Paragon Trng 26th-30th
Listing Maintenance Trng



RANW Closed for Holiday
Green Bay Golf Outing
Home For Everyone Conf
Paragon Trng 24th-28th
WCR Meeting

Fox Valley Golf Outing
Fond du Lac Golf Outing
WCR Meeting
Direct Giver Dinner

2017 RANW
Board of Directors

Michael Kunesh

Jim Smith

Scott Swick

Executive VP
Margery Chapman

Diane Campshure-Walczyk 
Debbie Gritt
Pat Kaster
Candace Kriner
Charlene Maurer
Mari Reichel
Michael Sewell
Judd Stevenson

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