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Volume 26, Issue 12 — december 2019  
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Top Stories

Renew Your Membership for 2020 in the New Member Portal!

RANW New Addenda Training

RANW Holiday Parties are Around the Corner ~ Don't Forget to Register!

REALTOR & Government Day - Wednesday, February 5, 2020

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Final Dues Deadline for All Members ~ Tuesday, December 31st!

The final dues deadline to maintain membership for 2020 is Tuesday, December 31st.  Please add $50 to the dues amount, as the early discount has passed. 

Members can pay 2020 dues:
~ With a VISA or MasterCard through the
new online member portal! 
~ By mailing or dropping off a personal/certified check/money order made payable to RANW* including the bottom portion of the statement in the office during business hours (see holiday reminder below) or after hours by using the drop box on the east side of the building.

Please be sure that RPAC is not paid from an account that is incorporated

Holiday Reminder
Please remember RANW is closed over the Christmas holiday (December 24 and 25th) and on December 30th and 31st -- so pay in the new online member portal or have the post office hand stamp a postmark prior to the deadline.

Questions?  Please email Cheryl at cdreger@ranw.org
Thank you to our members who've already renewed!

Renew Your Membership for 2020 in the New Member Portal!

Congrats to those of you already venturing into RANW's New Member portal!
Members can pay 2020 dues through the new portal as well as update
personal information in the RANW database. For example, your home address changed? You can update it right on the portal.
Your member IDs are listed too, along with your license number, phone and office info. Easy links to popular websites are also right on the home page, conveniently in one place.
Another great feature for company management is the account lookup for Brokers and Affiliate Designates where you can view members in your office to see if they have paid their renewal dues yet.
Down the road, when other new functions are launched, members will be able to check the calendar for RANW Continuing Education and events and register online and even have a history of your events. And we hope by early next year we'll be offering MLS billing online!
There are lots of features to check out with our new portal.
Log in today using your RANW (MLS) Member ID or NAR ID or refer back to the link emailed to all members this month.


Broker Summit ~ December 12th, Waukesha

If you're a manager, owner or broker, the WRA's Broker Summit is just for you! With several great sessions, you'll gain insight into the economy and your practice - relevant for today and tomorrow. You'll learn about boosting your firm's success with marketing, technology and more with information from various workshops offered at Broker Summit. Visit wra.org for details.

RANW New Addenda Training

Thank you to the RANW Forms Committee and Debbi Conrad, WRA Senior Attorney and Director of Legal Affairs for great new RANW Addenda A and B to the Offer To Purchase!  Committee Members include:
Rod Drendel, Jack Drzewiecki, Terry Hilgenberg, Shellie Mathe, K.C. Maurer, Lori Muller (Chairperson), Kevin Purtell, Chris Renderman, Amy Schaetz, Michael Sewell (Instructor) and Barb Yaeger.

Thank you to all who attended one of the four Addenda training sessions; watch RANW.org for possible additional training or materials. And for training on the new Offer to Purchase, check out the many resources at wra.org:
https://www.wra.org/Resources/Transactional/Form_Update_Resource/ and https://www.wra.org/WREM/Oct19/WB11Part1/

Reminder: Please do not use the new Offer to Purchase until the new RANW Addenda is on Zipforms.  RANW updated Addenda to be added to Zipforms by January 1st.  


RANW Holiday Parties are Around the Corner ~ Don't Forget to Register!

Join us as we gather together to celebrate the holiday season!

Green Bay Area Holiday Party -  Thursday, December 12th
Rockwood Terrace (Under Ariens Hill in Titletown District)
5:00pm - 10:00pm
Register by Thursday, December 5th to attend!
Green Bay Holiday Registration-
Click Here to Register!
* Admission is free with the donation of (1) unwrapped gift for Toys-for-Tots

Fond du Lac Area Holiday Party - Thursday, December 5th
Ziegler Winery
5:00pm - 9:00pm
Register by Wednesday, November 27th to attend!
Fond du Lac Holiday Registration- Click Here to Register!
*Admission is free with the donation of a non-perishable item for Food For Thought

Feeding America Appreciates all the RANW Volunteers!

Feeding America would like to thank all of the RANW REALTORS, Affiliates and Staff who took the time to volunteer locally during the "Don't be a Turkey Tour", November 11-15th. RANW staff had a great time participating and from the photos posted online, so did our members!

Government Affairs

REALTOR & Government Day - Wednesday, February 5, 2020

It's time to register for the 2020 REALTOR® & Government Day - Wednesday, February 5, 2020, at the Concourse Hotel in Madison from 12:30 pm - 5:30 pm.
Once again we will be discussing several important issues to the real estate industry and property owners including: The need for workforce housing, requirement for home inspectors, local governments practice of chasing sales for reassessments, and the presumption of riparian rights. 
Please join us for this once-a-year opportunity to speak directly to our area legislators about the laws that affect your business.

FREE County Property Fraud Alert

Some counties in Northeast Wisconsin have a free service which notifies property owners if any document affecting their property is recorded.
Brown County
Outagamie County - Considering adding the service
Waupaca County - Does not have the service
Fond du Lac
Winnebago County
Shawano County - Does not have the service

NFIP Extended to December 20, 2019

On Friday, November 22nd Congress extended and the President signed an extension of the National Flood Insurance Program through Dec. 20th, avoiding a lapse at midnight. The NFIP is being extended as part of the Continuing Resolution (CR) to keep the government operating while Congress works on 2020 appropriations measures over the next month. Now that the NFIP is attached to the CR, there is less chance of a lapse in December; nevertheless, NAR will keep fighting for a long-term reauthorization measure. They will keep us posted, so stay tuned.


Check Out Homesnap Pro!

Instant Info on Any Property and Market Changes:
~New listings, price changes, contracts, sales and off-markets
~Unified property history with all past listings.
~Similar active listings and sales comps
~Accurate school attendance zones and lot boundaries
~Homesnap News Feed featuring client actions and relevant market activity ~Instant CMAs right from your phone.

Integrated Messaging and Communications:
~Share market activity with clients and communicate with other agents through Homesnap's in-app messaging
~Invite clients and contacts to collaborate and connect in their home search.
~Complete directory of every office and agent in the MLS

What's included (for free) in Homesnap Pro?
~Real-time MLS data on your phone (search for properties by commute, draw your own search, search by school district, filter by status, price, beds, baths, etc.)
~Connecting with clients (messaging, sharing properties, seeing homes clients "snap" and favorites)
~See agent-only confidential data from the MLS
~Schedule showings with Showing Time
~Create a rapid CMA
~See agent information
Create a "Homesnap Story" (like an Instagram story) on your Active listings
~Message other agents
~"Snap" a home by taking a photo of it and get all the related information, on ANY property
~Walk the property lines(not available on Android)
~Free leads from consumers exploring your listings on Homesnap.com or in the Homesnap app.

Homesnap Account Setup for New Users:

How to Invite Customers to join you in Homesnap (Vimeo video):

How to Make a Homesnap Story for Your Listing:

Homesnap's Field Guide on How To Use Homesnap:

There are also more free features coming out in a couple months - RANW MLS agents will be able to get unlimited information on off-market properties and see a "Likelihood to List" score on off-market properties (based on length of mortgage, equity, distressed status, etc.) to help you decide which homes to target to get new clients. You will also be able to get unlimited contact information (when available) for the folks in those homes. Homesnap is anticipating this "Next Generation" of Homesnap will come out in December or early next year...

What are the extras in Homesnap Pro+ and Homesnap Ads (at an additional cost)?
~Pro+ subscription (paid annually) means Homesnap will maintain and update your Google Business Profile for you. Automatic posts to keep it active. Reminders to get Google reviews from clients when you have a sale. Search metrics on Google on what your page's traffic looks like. Lead pages for your listings.
~With Homesnap Ads you can promote listings and sales on Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Waze. Either on a per-listing basis, or "subscribe and save " will automatically charge your card and run an ad for you every time you list a home or close a deal. Make sure and select the option you want! Download the app by visitinghomesnap.com/get.

Activate your Homesnap Pro account by signing up as an agent. For technical support, please contact support@homesnap.com or call 1-866-855-2622.

Training questions? Email training@homesnap.com. 

HomeBot Webinars

Homebot is an optional tool offered through Paragon.  It is a sellers marketing tool designed to provide homeowners with data to better understand their home and how they can build wealth. The monthly report has a 68% open rate and will generate more activity between you and homeowners.
If you don't provide your prospects with data, they will go onto the internet to find it. Homebot provides a property specific report that provides information the homeowner will not easily find only line while reinforcing you as the local market expert. In addition, we've integrated Homebot into Paragon for easy client registration. Taking 30 minutes to learn more will help improve your business.
~ CMA appointments to validate the value of their home
~ Options to save on interest payments or lower their monthly payment
~ How to use their equity to move up or invest in another property
~ Built in Social Media marketing
~ Agent landing page for lead generation
~ Activity tracking and reporting
~ Much more

December 2nd
December 10th
December 18th
December 23rd
December 30th

11 am
12 noon
12 noon
12 noon
12 noon

Click here to register
Click here to register
Click here to register
Click here to register
Click here to register

Hotsheet vs. Market Monitor

Paragon has provided some details for RANW MLS members on the differences and similarities between the Hotsheet and the Market Monitor. The Listing Visibility field (Unconfirmed vs. Confirmed) and the definition of "New" for each tool are the items that can make these confusing.
Listings will not appear on the Market Monitor or the Hotsheet until they're Confirmed; but once the listing is confirmed, all prior changes can be seen on the Market Monitor or the Hotsheet by including the date the changes were actually made.

Hotsheet: The Hotsheet logs a listing as "New" when the listing is first created by the user (the "true" input date), but this "new" listing will not be viewable on the Hotsheet until it is confirmed by MLS staff.

Market Monitor: Listings are not shown on the Market Monitor under "New" until they are Confirmed. When a listing is Confirmed, a field rule updates the input date to the date the listing was Confirmed, which causes the listing to be added to the "New" section of the Market Monitor.This update of the input date via field rule does NOT update the "true" input date as far as the Hotsheet is concerned.
If a listing is inputted by the user and Confirmed by MLS Staff on the same day, the listing will appear in both the "New" section of the Market Monitor and the "New" section of a Hotsheet Search.
If a listing is inputted by the user but does not get Confirmed by MLS Staff until the next day (or later), the listing would show as "New" on the Hotsheet for the date it was input by the user - even if that date has already passed - but "New" on the Market Monitor for the date the listing was Confirmed by staff.
9/19/19 - Listing is created
9/19/19 - Price is changed
9/23/19 - Expiration Date is changed
9/24/19 - Listing is Confirmed by staff

For the above listing, running a Hotsheet prior to when the listing was Confirmed on 9/24 would not return any results for this listing. After 9/24, the above changes will be returned in a Hotsheet search if the date the change was made is included in the specified time range. i.e. to see the Price Change, the Hotsheet search must include the date 9/19.

Similarly, for the above listing on the Market Monitor, it would be added as "New" when the listing was confirmed on 9/24. After the listing is confirmed, it could be found in the Price Change section as long as the "Days" back go far enough back to include 9/19.

An Easy Guide to Data Feeds

RANW MLS has created an easy guide to the data feed and IDX options available to our members. Click Here to learn more about the options open to you!

Stop Closing your Messages Window

Did you know you are missing many of your Paragon messages?
When the messages window pops up on your screen, you are only seeing the first message that is posted for you. If you hit the "Close" button, you'll never see the rest!
Use the "Mark as Read" button in the upper LEFT corner of the Messages screen. That marks the first message you see as "read" and allows you to see the next message. Don't worry if you hit "Mark as Read" too soon -you can use the Resources button at the top of your Paragon screen to access the MLS Message History and read (or re-read) any of the active messages.

Listing Maintenance Class ~ Dec 10th

LIM (Listing Input and Training) class will be offered on the following Tuesdays from 10 am - 12 pm at our RANW office in Appleton. More information on the LIM program can be found on RANW's website here.

Click on the class date to access the Google form to register.
Tuesday, December 10th

Free RPR Webinars for Residential and Commercial Agents and Brokers

Join these workshops to learn how to leverage these two powerful REALTOR® business tools to your advantage. Learn to easily set-up and connect your RPR and zipForm accounts, and then how to improve your business efficiencies by moving seamlessly between the two.
Click below for an overview of all the various free webinars that RPR offers to REALTORS® or click on a specific specialized link below:
Commercial Agents
Residential Agents

Lockbox Program

Showing Notes in SupraWEB and Supra eKEY

Supra has released a new how-to video for the month of December!
This month we feature a how-to video for Showing Notes.
CLICK HERE for the video!
Important — To set up a showing note in SupraWEB:
·         The MLS must be sending listing information to Supra
·         The listing must be assigned to a keybox
·         The agent must be the primary agent on the listing
For more eKEY videos and other resources, visit http://www.supraekey.com/CustomerSupport/Pages/eKEY-Resources.aspx

Welcome to the Lockbox Program

#4195 Berkshire Hathaway Starck Real Estate REALTOR-At-Large MLS Manitowoc, WI


Congratulations, REALTOR Emeritus Recipients!

RANW would like to congratulate the following REALTORS® who have earned the REALTOR® Emeritus designation from NAR at the meetings in November:

Bob Karisny, Acre Realty, Ltd., Appleton
Jerry Lyons, Jerry C. Lyons, Waupaca
Karen Reider, Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group-Lynndale, Appleton

Any member who has held membership in the National Association as a REALTOR® for a cumulative period of 40 years in one or more Associations of REALTORS® is eligible for REALTOR® Emeritus status and a waiver of local, state and national dues. As of January 1, 2020, the policy now requires service on a national association committee. 

Congratulations on Your Retirement!

RANW congratulates the following long-time REALTOR® members on their recent retirement:
~ Jim LaPlant, Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group, Green Bay
~ Cindy VanEffen, Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group, Green Bay
~ Tim VanEffen, Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group, Green Bay

RANW Membership Changes

To view all the current membership changes for RANW click here.

Sincere Condolences

RANW would like to extend its sincerest condolences to the family, friends, and co-workers of:

~ Sue Hermus, in the recent passing of her husband. Sue is a REALTOR® with Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group's Lynndale office in Appleton. 


All Paper Forms 50% Off!

Effective immediately, RANW will be offering all paper forms in stock for 50% off! View the forms order price list to see which forms are available HERE. Prices will be reduced by 50% at time of sale.
Please place your orders by e-mailing khubers@ranw.org or aschilling@ranw.org or calling the RANW office Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm at (920)739-9108.
Once the forms are sold, RANW will no longer re-order and carry paper forms as the WRA has discontinued printing services. Digital Forms are available as a part of your Association membership with Zip Forms online (https://ziplogix.com). To contact Ziplogix, please call 800-383-9805.
First come, first serve. Limited quantities available. Thank you.


Events At a Squint
New Addenda Training
Fond du Lac Holiday Party
Listing Maintenance Class
Broker Summit
Green Bay Holiday Party
RANW Closed
RANW Closed
Dues FINAL Deadline
RANW Closed
RANW Closed
Martin Luther King Day
WRA Winter Convention

WRA Winter Convention
Appraiser Planning Mtg
Appraiser Committee
Happy Valentines Day

2019 RANW
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Michael Sewell


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Charlene Maurer
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