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Volume 28, Issue 7 — july 2021  
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Top Stories

Focus On Energy® Virtual Pop Up Shop ~ August 2nd-16th

Updated WRA Addendum A and Addendum B Now Available

Navigating Multiple Offers - How to Prevail in Today's Wild Market FREE Zoom Meeting ~ July 14th

WRA360 Professional Development Series

WRA Convention ~ October 4-6th, Milwaukee

Resources to Help Complete Your Listing

RPR®'s CMA Builder

Action Required - Member Portal Password Reset

RANW Offers Virtual New Member Orientation!

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A Message From The President

My father died recently. He was 92, passed away peacefully with his wife by his side, and I feel very blessed to have had him here for so long. His obituary said 1929 - 2021, which is, of course, the year he was born and the year he died. But the real story is in that dash, "the space between" those two dates; in other words, how did he live his life? I don't mean houses and cars and financial success - that's not what life is ultimately about. What's important is what kind of person he was. How did he treat others, his family, his friends, business associates, even strangers? Was he kind? Was he gracious? Was he slow to anger and quick to appreciate the people in his life?

I know sometimes life can seem to drag on (especially if you're in a CE class!), but the reality is our life is not a marathon, it's a dash, and what we do with that dash, that "space between", is our true legacy. I hope I'm creating something worthwhile in my "space between". I hope, like my father, it will be said that I lived well, loved well and had a positive influence on those around me.

So, how does all of this relate to real estate? Well, the market today is as crazy as any of us has ever seen it. How we treat each other in times of stress is a large part of creating a positive "space between" in our lives. Recognize that buyers are frantic, sellers are overwhelmed and fellow agents are frazzled. Let's try to be kind, to be gracious, to be slow to anger and quick to appreciate each other. Treating others how we would truly like to be treated ourselves is part of the Preamble to our Code of Ethics. Following that simple rule, in business and in life, will put us well on the way to a well-spent "space between".

Thank you~ Michael Sewell

Please check out "The Dash" and "Live Your Dash", two inspirational books by Linda Ellis that address how we can all make a difference in the world with how we live our lives.

Focus On Energy® Virtual Pop Up Shop ~ August 2nd-16th

RANW will be hosting a Focus on Energy® virtual Pop-Up Shop from August 2nd - August 16th. Huge discounts on energy-saving supplies at major discounted rates! Watch ranw.org and next month's newsletter for more. Are you an energy-saving Ambassador? Check out even more ways to focus on energy HERE.

Updated WRA Addendum A and Addendum B Now Available

The WRA Addendum A to the Offer to Purchase and the WRA Addendum B to the Offer to Purchase have been revised. Both forms are available in zipForms and in the WRA Forms Library.

The WRA Addendum A is a general, all-purpose addendum that may be used in an offer with any property type, whereas the Addendum B may most often be used with a rural property because of its focus on wells, well water and sanitary systems. The revisions to the Addendum A are designed to supplement the content of the offers. Addendum A was reorganized to loosely follow the sequence of provisions and topics in the various offers to purchase and has grown from two to three pages. The 2021 WRA Addendum B to the Offer to Purchase in large part adopts the Well System(s) Inspection, Well Water Testing and POWTS Inspection contingencies from the WB-12 Farm Offer to Purchase.

For a detailed discussion of the updates and changes to the addenda, read the June 2021 Legal Update, "
WRA Addenda A and B 2021," and watch for the article "Facelift Time for WRA Addenda A and B!" in the June 2021 Wisconsin Real Estate Magazine.

The RANW Forms Committee will review the WRA Addenda changes to see if there is any necessity to make any changes to the RANW Addendum A or B.

New Rules Expand Options for Drone Photography

The FAA has updated rules for operators who use commercial drones in their businesses, including real estate professionals. Make sure you have the most updated information on drone use HERE.

NAR Summary

REALTORS® Relief Fund 20th Anniversary Campaign

The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) is pleased to announce the REALTORS® Relief Foundation's (RRF) 20th Anniversary Campaign, a fundraising effort to unite the REALTOR® community to ensure that RRF is prepared to respond to and adequately help families affected by natural disasters. RRF embodies the philanthropic spirit of REALTORS® by providing housing-related financial assistance to victims of natural disasters.

Initially created as the REALTORS® Relief Fund, just hours after the devastating terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, RRF has raised and disbursed more than $33 million to help over 17,000 families impacted by natural disasters. With more communities calling upon RRF to serve in the wake of natural disasters, the mission of RRF has never been more pronounced and urgent.

As we commemorate RRF's 20th Anniversary, we are inviting the REALTOR® community to learn more about the RRF Campaign. The Campaign has a goal of $8,500,000 as RRF seeks to increase its efforts and assist families affected by natural disasters at a moments notice.

"We are honored by the generosity that has propelled this initiative as we prepare to respond to future needs. REALTORS® are rallying behind RRF, and we are nearly halfway to our goal, with more than $4,000,000 in commitments from over 50 State and Local Associations and corporations, alongside hundreds of REALTOR® members," says RRF President Michael Ford.

Save the date for NAR President, Charlie Oppler's commemorative event honoring the 20th Anniversary on September 10!  To learn more about the foundation please
click here.

Bylaw Changes Approved by RANW Directors June 23, 2021

The following clarification was approved by the Board on June 23rd. This amendment simply specifies long-standing policy.
New language in bold and underline.

Amendment to the Bylaws are approved by the following process:
Article XVI Section 1a: Upon approval of amendments by the Board of Directors, such changes shall be noticed to the membership. Within thirty (30)days from the date of publication, all amendments shall automatically go into effect provided no petition from the membership has been received. If a petition signed by five percent (5%) of the members eligible to vote is received by the Association within thirty (30) days from the date of publication, the amendment(s) in question shall be submitted to the members for a vote, either at a membership meeting, or for a ballot vote by mail, or by an electronic vote, at the option of the Board of Directors. Article XVI Section3: Amendments to these Bylaws which are mandated by the National Association of REALTORS® shall become effective upon their approval by the Board of Directors at any regular meeting of the Directors at which a quorum is present. 

RANW Bylaws Article 5, Section 3b  
The following clarification was approved by the Board on June 23rd. This amendment simply specifies long-standing policy. If the Board of Directors determines that the individual does not meet all of the qualifications for membership as established in the association's Bylaws, or, if the individual does not satisfy all of the requirements of membership (for example, completion of mandatory orientation program) within three consecutive opportunities ____ days from the association's receipt of their application), membership may, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, be terminated. In such instances, dues shall be returned to the individual less a prorated amount to cover the number of days that the individual received association services and any application fee.  The Board of Directors shall vote on the applicant's eligibility for membership.  If the applicant receives a majority vote of the Board of Directors, he/she shall be declared elected to membership and shall be advised by written notice.


NAR's Center for REALTOR® Financial Wellness LIVE: Retirement Summit in July

Hear from Morgan Stanley experts and receive tips on how to set yourself up for success with money management and investment resources to help achieve today's goals and prepare for retirement. Register to attend NAR's Center for REALTOR® Financial Wellness LIVE: Retirement Summit four-part series event and the cost is $45 each for members.
~ Retirement Planning Basics Wednesday, July 7th, 1-2 pm 
~ Getting Retirement Ready Wednesday, July 14th, 1-2 pm
~ Planning for the Unexpected Wednesday, July 21st, 1-2 pm
~ Legacy and Estate Planning Wednesday, July 28th, 1-2 pm

By participating, you'll learn retirement saving strategies to set yourself up for success, as well as, legacy and estate planning. Space Is limited!
Register Now!  To learn more about NAR's Center for REALTOR® Financial Wellness click here.

Navigating Multiple Offers - How to Prevail in Today's Wild Market FREE Zoom Meeting ~ July 14th

In today's wild market, managing multiple offers on both sides of the transaction can be challenging. Join this month's Conference Year-Round to get quick, clear breakdowns of the insights and solutions for how to best navigate multiple offers.

NAR invites 20+ year real estate professional, Melanie Gamble, to share how she overcomes common issues and equips you with the tools to thrive in today's market.
"Navigating Multiple Offers - How to Prevail in Today's Wild Market" is a free session to be held on Wednesday, July 14th, at 12 pm CST. 

WRA360 Professional Development Series

WRA is offering a new professional development series exploring industry trends, technology, economic forecasts, top issues and various perspectives on cutting-edge topics. Past webinars include:
~ Episode 6 - The Roaring 1920s - in the 2020s?
~ Episode 5 - How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Real Estate in 2021 and Beyond
~ Episode 4 - The Color of Wisconsin Property Law
~ Episode 3 - Where Does Wisconsin Rank in Government Spending?
~ Episode 2 - Three Megatrends to Watch in 2021
~ Episode 1 - Long Island Divided
Click here to access


Early Bird Registration for the 2021 REALTOR Conference & Expo - In San Diego or virtual

Early bird registration opens for all members Wednesday, May 26th for the Realtors® Conference & Expo in San Diego. The event will be held November 12-15th of this year live with an option for virtual. Register HERE.

WRA Convention ~ October 4-6th, Milwaukee or Virtual

Save the date! WRA will be hosting a their annual convention October 4-6, 2021, live in Milwaukee - with optional virtual sessions. Watch wra.org for future details

RANW Live Events and Gatherings On Hold

With confidence that better days are ahead, when event commitment deadlines were being considered earlier this year, the uncertainty of safety in large groups was paramount. So out of continued concern for the wellbeing of our members, the Board put a continued hold on planning live networking events and large in-person gatherings. We'll keep you updated if those plans change and continue to wish you all the best as we look forward to seeing you in person as soon as we can.

Government Affairs

Attention Brokers - Time to Schedule Legislative Office Visits!

Please consider adding a legislative update to your next office meeting agenda. I would welcome the opportunity to speak to your agents about the association's legislative successes this past session and how RPAC and Direct Giver contributions can make a difference to our success as an industry.

As brokers, you have a unique opportunity to encourage agents within your office to get involved. Your example and encouragement sends a very strong message about the importance of supporting the advocacy effort of the Association. To schedule an office visit, please contact Jennifer at
jsunstrom@ranw.org or call 920-739-9108.

NeighborWorks Green Bay Invests In Community Video

See how NeighborWorks is investing in the community by viewing the video here.


Paragon Collab Center: Radius Map Search

Radius searching in the Collaboration Center has been made easier! Users can simply enter an address, click Submit, and your radius is ready to go. Help verbiage has also been updated to better assist you when searching.

Paragon Collab Center: Compare tool

Compare is a feature that allows a user to compare listings side by side while in the Collaboration Center.
A Compare icon has been added next to the Folder icon. This will appear on each listing. To compare two listings, start by clicking this new icon next to the first listing you want to compare. The icon will turn orange and you will see a count of 1. Click the Compare icon on a second listing to launch the compare screen. After you are finished comparing the two listings, click Close to end the compare feature and remove your selections.

TrustFunds - The Next New Norm in Real Estate

RANW MLS has partnered with TrustFunds to bring electronic earnest money to our market!
Visit the TrustFunds Blog for more information about the "Next New Norm in Real Estate".

RANW MLS would be happy to put you in touch with brokers who have offered to share their experience or provide testimonials. TrustFunds integrates into the RANW MLS system - and within the WIREX platform, resulting in a single tool in the market and greater market adoption. In addition, transaction details are auto-populated from the MLS information for complete and accurate reporting.

Benefits of TrustFunds:

  • TrustFunds is available for all listings in the MLS                     
  • No more driving around to pick up a paper check
  • Improved Security
  • Simple and convenient for you AND your client
  • Real-time payment status tracking
Wondering how electronic earnest money works?
Watch the 1-minute Demo HERE!
Contact TrustFunds:  888.249.1616 M-F 8am-5pm CST

Homebot 30-Day Free Trial

Homebot is also brought to the MLS members from BlackKnight, our Paragon Vendor, but Homebot is based on an individual subscription. Try the 30 day free trial HERE. Watch a demonstration of Homebot.

Real Estate Agents, like you, are using Homebot to generate significant new listing referrals and CMA volume by re-engaging their entire client-base every month with valuable home finance advice. This service is not just for sales agents! Homebot positions loan officers as the go-to advisor clients can rely on to make informed home finance decisions. Homebot is a personalized web-site for each client, with your branding, that helps them track and build wealth with their home. It's kind of a big deal ...considering the home is the single largest asset most clients will ever own and will account for 83% of their wealth at retirement! Register to use Homebot today.

Resources to Help Complete Your Listing

Don't forget to complete your listing by adding all of the necessary elements. Visit our Complete Your Listing Page for instructions and additional information like RANW Square Footage Guidelines, Building Types and Architectural Definitions, Municipal Tax Links, DNR Water Search and more!

How To documents to complete your listing:
Add Photos
Add Documents
Add Open Houses
Add Virtual Tours
Verify Mapping on your Listing
Obtain Paragon's GIS/Map Photo (required for Waterfront listings)

RPR®'s CMA Builder

Pricing homes in today's market is difficult, so only the best CMA will do. That's where Realtors Property Resource® comes in. Click here for RPR®'s step-by-step CMA builder.

Realtor.com Monthly Traffic Report for Northeast WI

Click HERE for more statistics for Northeast WI from Realtor.com.

RANW MLS Stats at a Glance

Click HERE for RANW MLS Stats at a Glance! 
Need more info?  Want to customize your own reports?
Click HERE for the How-To!


Training Opportunities

FREE Live Paragon Webinars!

Paragon FREE, live webinars will help you get much-needed information to continue being productivity in an ever-changing work environment. Click here for the webinar calendar.  

RANW MLS Webinars

Click on the training calendar/link for each vendor to register for free daily or on demand webinars!

Realtor.com Training Sessions

Please visit Realtor.com for the most recent on-demand and scheduled live training. If you see a subject that interests you, click on the title on the page and register! On demand videos are recorded and available at anytime.

Homesnap Training Calendar

Visit the Homesnap Training Calendar for July Webinars! https://blog.homesnap.com/livestream-training-with-mariah/

Lockbox Program

Welcome to the Lockbox Program

#1475 Appraisal Consulting Services, LLC REALTOR® MLS
Green Bay

Supra System Orientation for New Members

Please take a few moments to view Supra's new member orientation video. For more information on the RANW MLS Supra System, please visit our website HERE.

Reciprocal Key Access - Sign up now!

RANW MEMBERS: RANW MLS has a reciprocal key agreement with Central WI MLS and South Central Wisconsin MLS (includes Associations/MLSs of Dodge County and Rock Green). REALTOR® members of the RANW MLS wanting to show properties in those areas need to call the RANW MLS office at 920-739-9108 to request the reciprocal key access. Once Central or South Central has authorized access, the RANW MLS member will be notified. Members from the eligible MLSs may also request Reciprocal Key Use from RANW MLS to show your properties. Plan ahead if possible, as this may take more than one day. Once you have the key activated, the reciprocal stays in place with your active eKEY. For more information, please visit our webpage. 


RANW Membership Changes

To view all the current membership changes for RANW click here.

Action Required - Member Portal Password Reset

Must be done by Thursday, July 8th, 2021!
RANW initiated a password reset protocol on our
member portal Tuesday, June 29th, 2021. This will not change your password in Paragon, but we do recommend reviewing and updating all passwords on a regular basis. Paragon is a separate program.

To find your user ID, please visit the Membership tab in Paragon, then click on Agent Roster, type in your name in the agent name field and click Search. The six-digit user code is your RANW member ID. You may also use your NAR ID to login.

The first time you visit the Member Portal HERE, enter your six-digit RANW ID or NAR ID and click forgot/change password. You will need to enter your email address on file with RANW. The password reset will be emailed to you from the Realtors Association of NE Wisconsin. At that point, you are led back to the portal where you can create your password.

This member portal is a great way to change your contact info and print receipts for your membership dues as well as locating popular resources all in one place. More upgrades to come. Please don't hesitate to call with questions or issues: (920) 739-9108 M-F 8:30am-5pm CST.

Sincere Condolences

RANW would like to extend its sincerest condolences to the family, friends, and co-workers of:
~ Doug Villars, Designated REALTOR®/Owner of RE/MAX On The Water in Oshkosh, in his recent passing.
And to:
~ Michael Sewell, Chief Compliance Officer of Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group in the recent passing of his father. 

Congratulations on Your Retirement!

RANW congratulates the following REALTOR® and Affiliate members on their recent retirement:
~ Peter Beckley, Acre Realty, Ltd., Appleton
Sheri Knepel, First Weber, Realtors, Oshkosh
~ Becky Weber, Shorewest, Realtors, Green Bay
~ Karen Blodgett, RE/MAX 24/7 Real Estate, Appleton
~ Marcus Butts, Verve, a Credit Union, Oshkosh

Congratulations on Your Wedding

Congratulations to recently-married REALTOR® members:
Corissa Brice,  Keller Williams Green Bay in De Pere
Jess Schulz, RE/MAX On The Water, Oshkosh 

RANW Offers Virtual New Member Orientation!

Until we can safely offer live New Member Orientation classes, RANW has developed a virtual option for all new members who have not yet completed this membership requirement.

New members should be receiving an email with all the information and links in the next couple weeks and will have 30 days to complete the requirement.

"The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you."
B. B. King

If you have questions, please email cdreger@ranw.org or call 920-739-9108 M-F 8:30am-5:00pm CST.


Interested in DocuSign?

DocuSign is the National Association of REALTORS® official and exclusive provider of electronic signature services under the REALTOR Benefits® Program. DocuSign services are easy-to-use and accessible at any time, from any desktop or mobile device. Click here for more information about this popular electronic signature services program.

Did you know that zipForms has electronic signature services built in? Not only does zipForms offer AuthentiSign (for free) inside the program, but also includes SIGNiX. If DocuSign is purchased by the member, DocuSign is then included in your choices in zipForms E-Sign Transactions. Click here to find out How to send an e-signature packet with zipForms.

Save on GE Appliances with Your NAR Member Benefits

Realtors® can enjoy exceptional savings on GE Appliances' full line of high-quality appliances. Members can shop the full suite of GEA brands including Profile™, Cafe™, GE®, Monogram®, Haier, and Hotpoint® appliances. Special savings with promotional and rebate offers: Shop the new suite of small appliances Refer clients, family and friends to pass along great discounts Convenient in-home delivery, installation and haul-away services available* Limited-time offer: July 4th Sale! Get FREE DELIVERY on orders over $299 and additional savings on select appliances.** Shop HERE.


Events At a Squint
Focus On Energy Virtual Pop Up
Focus On Energy Pop Up Ends
Paragon Live Web Trainings
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RANW Closed for Holiday
Paragon Live Web Trainings
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WRA Convention
ABR 2-Day Course
ABR 2-Day Course
Paragon Live Web Trainings
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